IEA’s Knowledge transference to society: Under construction.

IEA’s Knowledge transference officer:

The knowledge transfer officer mission is to promote, foster and facilitate the transfer of academic knowledge from the Institute of Aquatic Ecology of the University of Girona to society with the goal of boosting the societal and ecological value.

Unlike technology-oriented research groups at the University, we hardly invest time or resources in unravelling the complex process of economic valorisation. In other words, only a little part of our research lines are clearly oriented to create value from knowledge by transforming it into products with economic application. Therefore, our activity is mainly oriented towards the escalation of its societal and ecological value.

The KT officer gives tailor-made services to the Institute researchers active in fundraising and the valorisation of their knowledge. Amongst others:

  • Explore possibilities to create or improve impact with their scientific knowledge;
  • Scout calls at regional, national and international level that may help to fund their research;
  • Analyse trends in specific sectors (related to aquatic ecology);
  • Exchange best practices for research;
  • Implement joint network within and out of the University;
  • Establish new partnerships or giving support to existing ones;
  • Bring elements such as citizen science, gender equality or data protection to their research;
  • Offer general support when there is a specific project need at financial, legal, or administrative level;

For further enquiries, you can contact our current Knowledge transfer officer.